Monster High – Frights, Camera, Action! (Online)

Frights, Camera, Action! (2014)   SYNOPSIS The ghouls enter a new and amazing adventure in Frights, Camera, Action!. On this upcoming adventure, Robecca and Draculaura, along with Clawdeen, Clawdia and Viperine, will have to follow the trail of Elissabat, who is said to be the

Monster High – Sustos, Cámara y Acción (Online)

Titulo Original: Monster High - Frights, Camera, Action! (2014)   SINOPSIS Las chicas de Monster High se enfrentan a su nueva aventura en Sustos, Cámara y Acción. Rebecca y Draculaura, junto a algunas de sus mejores amigas como Clawdeen, Clawdia y Viperine, tendrán que seguirle el rastro

Monster High – 13 Wishes (Online)

13 Wishes (2013)   .: SYNOPSIS :. Howleen, after loosing a bet, goes up to the Monster High attic and finds an old lantern. The lantern possesses Gigi and Howleen finds out that she can get not on 3 wishes, but 13 Wishes!. Howleen is

Monster High – Scaris: City of Frights (Online)

Scaris: City of Frights (2013)   .: SYNOPSIS :. Clawdeen is a real fan of fashion and, when she finds out that she has the chanceof going to Scaris: City of Frights, she freaks out. There, Clawdeen will study fashion with her best friends from

Monster High – Ghouls Rule (Online)

Ghouls Rule (2012)   .: SYNOPSIS :. During Halloween, monsters are warned that humans may try to hunt them, so they will need to stay calm for a few days. But when a Monster High skull appears painted on the human high school, the questions