List of All Monster High Movies

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      Shugo Chara!!!!!!!! love that anime

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      I LOVE Shugo Chara!!!!!!!!!

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        me too i love shugo chara too

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        Who is that ?

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          It’s an anime, a japanese anime
          I love it too!!

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      i love it

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        Can we be friends

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    I love monster high do they got the 1999 one?

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    i love this man

  • giezas linsasay

    hi my name is stella and i lovew monster high its my favorite

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      I love Monster High, too. My profile pic isn’t from MH, but still, I love it! XD

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      u have kik? me too!

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    awesome movies

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    i love the movies

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    same high five:3

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    i love barbie and monster high exspecially

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      love both,TWO!

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        U KNO RIGHT

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      omg i love them both too

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    YEah its awesome

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    i luv this site!! ur the best thx!!!

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      ikr this is the only website where you can watch free monster high movies
      , disney movies, and barbie movies.

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    ich liebe Monster High

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    Forever Monser High and Barbie
    Hey Guys how’s your Christmas and New Year????

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    coll movie’s!!

  • Sondra Mereščenkova

    i love Monster High! <3

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      me too! can we be friends !

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        metoo can we be friends

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      I L.O.V.E. Monster High! It’s the best media EVER! (my opinion).

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  • julianna

    awsome love it

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    hi I love monster high

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    I love monster high

  • Chloe Chen

    I love monster high. It’s like that is my favorite fan

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    me too

  • Mook

    you know for ever after high is a rip off monster high
    monster high is better ;D

    • Crystal Bomidable

      Mook ever fter high is made by the same ppl that make monster high

    • Guest

      you are stpid there samme ppl

      • NinjaTurtleGhoul12

        Yea, like Erin Fitzgerald, who did the voice of Abbey, Rochelle, Spectra, and Scarah for MH, and she did Raven for EAH.
        And Kate Higgins, who did the voice of Frankie for MH, and she did Briar for EAH.
        And Jonquil Goode, who did the voice of Gigi, Twyla, and Clawdia for MH, and she did Apple and Cedar for EAH.
        And lastly, Laura Bailey, who did the voice of Lagoona, Honey, and Skelita for MH, and she did the voice of Ashlynn for EAH.

    • NinjaTurtleGhoul12

      Dude, EAH is made by Mattel. -.-

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    well, its nice that i heard that draculara is having a scaryday today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Erin Burns

    I love Jackson and Holt so much

  • Erin Burns

    Jackson and Holt are so hot and cute

  • Louisiana Vien T. Cabalquinto

    what should i watch =D

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    I can’t wait for camera fright and action to come out yeeep

  • youtube loo

    hi I wonder if fright camra action is out yet

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    I love this site cause I can’t buy these movies.ill record them but I won’t sell or show it to anyone.I promise

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    fuck this movies


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    i love 13 wishes

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    Lol at the end I though headmistress bloodgood was gonna say junkyard not catacombs lol

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    love these movies

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    love the frights,camera,action :)

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    Shugo Chara sucks. This is a Monster High section.

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    i love monster high !!!!!!!!

  • animesis

    its escape not scape -_-

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    I so love monster high movies so thrilling and exiting plzzz make some more


    My FAV character is Clawdeen Wolf becuz I love wolves and she has this American accent (like moi). I also LOVE Clawd Wolf cuz his whimpers are sooo cute!! I melt every time he does.

  • Matthew Dl Hernandez

    i love monster high i love drculaura and madison fear

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    Whats Shogo Chara?

  • Saty Kanwar

    I mean Shugo.

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    i just love monster high

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      Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 3

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    Best. Website. Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I love very much monster high movies

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    I love monster high monster high like is my life and my favorite movie is Frights,Camera, Action! PS:my favorite character is Clawdeen,Elisabat,Frankie and Draculauraaa.

    • Marwa

      i like them all except that Loard stoaker and eyygor his big backed “assistant”.

  • anna

    And I also forgot to say Vipireen,Clawdia and Honey Swamp.

  • anna

    and this photo is me right now I’m turning 9 in November 29 this month.

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      i’m turning 10 in November 26 this month

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    do u like this hair becuz its like dr boolitle dother and i love her shes so cool

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    i love all the monster high movies

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    Love anything that’s related to monster high

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    i love waching these movies over and over!

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      cool love it

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    whats shugo chara

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  • Atasha 143

    plzz Monster high Freaky Fusion plzz plzz plzz come out :(

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    I love it

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    roses you like love live idol project

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    OMG i love monster high

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    Love it !!!!

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    hey yall

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    i love Monster High! <3

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    I want… MONSTER HIGH: FREAKY FUSION!!!!!!!!!

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    hi whats up

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    I love monster high movies
    Thank you so much for this site
    Oh and the new movie Frights Camera Action i have the same name as veronica!!!

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    ps: Why do we have to talk about Shugo Chara in the monster high page???