Monster High – Frights, Camera, Action! (Online)

Frights, Camera, Action! (2014)


The ghouls enter a new and amazing adventure in Frights, Camera, Action!. On this upcoming adventure, Robecca and Draculaura, along with Clawdeen, Clawdia and Viperine, will have to follow the trail of Elissabat, who is said to be the vampire queen.

But they are not only looking for Elissabat, as they will also look for an object called the “Vampire Heart”, used to decide on who is the true Vampire Queen. Their investigation will have the ghouls travelling to some of the most popular cities in the world, like Londoom, New Gorleans and Hauntlywood.


  • lolol ijijiji

    please upload it soon

    • LeeannMHfanGirl


  • Mook

    lol i cant what

  • Stephi Martinez

    when is it coming out !

    • Stop Bullying!

      exactly one month from today

  • kelsey parker

    please upload it soon please give us fright camera action full movie please

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  • Nagla

    I can’t wait to watch the movie

  • Kimberley Ryan

    what date will this be out i know its in march but is there a specific date that we know of??

    • Nitika

      It out 17th march that’s what I heard

      • rahma mohammed

        no its now 20 march

    • Charlotte Tory

      March 25

    • Kimberley Ryan

      thanks i just looked and we can actually buy it of fishpond and it said it was out on the 17th of march

  • Klaudyja

    People this movie uploud in March 25. Wait some…. Please upload in March……..

  • broadnax

    my sister rayne love monter high she watch it ever day

  • gabriellsong

    I just watched it on YouTube it was pretty good spilar alert dracularah gets her vampire powers at the end

  • alice the1dandmh lover

    i love this cartoon very much

    • labiba

      me to

      • coolone33


  • annie

    i cant wait either…..i hope it comes on march 25th

  • annie

    i just love mh n when it gets over im like awwww man why did it get over so soon

  • annie

    btw its on youtube…not in good clarity though

  • annie

    type- frights camera action full movie

  • annie

    its by Baal Reptilold

  • Balasira Raveendrakumar

    annie thnk u very much

  • anuka

    wow it’s so cool

    • Maxine Tugade

      I agree

    • ty


      • Issy padsi

        No hater

  • Erin Burns

    I love it

  • Stephi Martinez

    fave movie ever

  • Cj Lou Agor

    Hey, the pitch of audio is high not normal then there is no high quality. So the maximum is 320p. Please update. I want to watch in HD and the audio pitch is normal… :-(

  • Lizzie

    This is the best movie I have aver seen

  • Eelanna Eihctir

    I loved it… I hope a new one will come out soon. I just can’t enough of Monster High :D

    • Charlotte Tory

      I agree

    • labiba

      i agree to

      • leticia.r.costa

        same i agree to

        • monster high serect


          • nasrullah feroz

            I’m not sure when it’s coming i think in september or october 14th

    • nera

      i agree to

    • natalia

      iaggre too and they are making new one this summer

    • Katie Gibson

      Same here – I love it!!!!

    • Crystal

      your hope is true i think a freaky funshion or sweet screams is coming out in fall 2014

      • Carla Paul

        freaky fusion in October

    • ella mhae

      me too like freaky fushion

    • Carla Paul

      Freaky Fusion is coming in October.

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  • julie

    this movie is the best I like watch it 3 times I can’t stop watching it

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  • Stephi Martinez

    best movie or should i say boovie

  • Agaba Mugasa

    best movie ever :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • labiba

    i love it

  • labiba

    i love it or should i say best boovie

  • malik

    this is the best monster high movie I have ever seen in my whole life

  • joshua

    this is my favorite voovie

    • labiba

      i agree

    • LUVMH

      it pronounced boovie

      • NinjaTurtleGhoul12

        It was a typo.



  • giselle

    this was the worst monsterhigh movie

    • labiba

      um hello have you lost your mined silly can you never come back here now shut your mouth

    • monster high lover

      fuck off bitch

    • LUVMH

      more like best

    • Cassie Franklin

      I agree with u giselle it was the worst one of all. If I looked into a mirror right I would ask it “Mirror, mirror on the wall, which monster high movie is the worst of all?” Besides I’m more into anime now anyways lol. I just wanted to see what it was like. So back off all u retards its just our opinions ok?!

      • Hottie

        its just a Movie and you can keep your bad opinions for yourself. cuz if u dont understand no body wants to hear it so back off. go and play with your stupid mirror, freak. the Movie btw is awesome and i will Watch it again

        • Cassie Franklin

          Oh wow Hottie, ps more like Nottie. U sound like a school mate of mine accussing me of doing something that I didn’t do. Ur the freak and a loser.

          • Draculaura

            you are acting ridiculous, grow up. People like this, and the people who do, watch it. People who don’t, shouldn’t. It’s simple, your opinions are fine, but stop acting like a fucking child (even if you are one) and realise the world doesn’t revolve around YOU!

        • Guest

          Oh wow Hottie, more like Nottie. Ur such a loser alright? U go play with ur own freakin mirror I was being retorical, duh. So shut up! At least I have the guts to talk back to u like this

  • giselle

    so boring

    • leticia.r.costa

      u are so wrong anyways if its boring whay wach it * *

      • poly

        u r right leticia.r.costa

    • Guest


    • anynomous

      then why did you watch it


      How Dare you

  • Elissabat

    Best boovie in all time!!It’s like clawsome!!!!!Actually i love all monster high movies,i watched each of em like 7 times :)

  • labiba

    i love it i mean boovie and great movie but i need this dvd

  • labiba

    i love it did you know i’m shy. best boovie ever. everyone love it can anyone post even and i want to watch in HD and i like monster high i been having to watch it when it is a new movie i love it all and i like the 2014 movie of monster high

  • Maxine Tugade


  • mikentha

    omg egor was so adorable when he was like i um i wanted to see the boovie and he was like clawsome i started to cry because of how adorable that was

  • Crystal Bomidable

    I just watched it, its so ramazing! Lol, you still get all these dresss right? Really cleo? Lol Lol

  • Rebecca

    Love it ,I did not really like monster high but that was just vampire hart worthy (:

  • Maxine Tugade


  • Dracularafan


  • starr

    It’s Starr this boovie shows how to help other people we have 2step out of our Cufort zone and thats how I like it. Toon in with me next time

  • heather

    that was the best movie monster high ever made i hope they make another movie

  • jessica


    • francesaudrey.

      i love it elisabat is toats amaze

      • NinjaTurtleGhoul12

        Well, Totes agree! She’s my favorite FCA ghoul!

  • xwaydance

    this is a good movie but it loads every 3 sec

  • Hatsune Chibi

    what not full hate this

  • Angel Halos

    i love it but it doesn’t load very fast at the start of the movie which kinda sucks but great movie. the people who made it did a great job

  • Twixxy Walker

    I’m kinda mad it didn’t show the end when Draculora got her powers… but, overall it was fangtasic

  • Ja Lisa Smith

    Love how the vampire queen was an actor LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ellen

    I agree with anuka

  • Jane Huett


  • love it!!!

    i love this movie!!!



  • amber

    Best monster high boovie yet.

  • Kristie

    Luv this boovie so fangatastically clawesome love elizabet aka veronica and draculaura

  • Kristie

    the most awesome luv it!!!! <3

  • KATE

    am i the only one that every time i watch this it gets cutted in half?

  • lol monsterhighfan

    its not bad i mean i seen way better.. the beginging is horribal

  • Antonia

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Raven Arrowood

    I can’t watch it is says This video has been removed from public access

  • Jill Neri

    why! didnt work!!!! :(

  • Rosewind

    hilarious director guy. XD

  • asha2

    this movie or should i say……….. this bovie was fangtastic and clawsome…………. they tots have to make more monsterz high bovies like this :D

  • laila


  • laila


  • ida karlsson

    wow suprising good quality!

  • kurumi

    hi i’m kurumi i love all of the monster high shows and movies alot

  • nithya

    ugh some movie

  • summer

    this movie was fangtastic. i loved it

  • milly

    I so miss movies like that! It was wow.. I mean, its so cool

  • gracie_may

    its the best one i have seen i love it

  • crystal

    fangtastic love it my new fave monster high movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mirrina Thomez

    oh i love it so much!!! <3

  • loveyoualot

    very ghoul movie—> lol

  • loveyoualot

    I don’t understand why yall cussin, its stupid…yall need to learn how to ignore and If yall wanna say something bad about this comment idc cause I know how to avoid something stupid!!!!

  • loveyoualot

    cute movie the voodoo guy is creepy, wait no lemme use a better word……ugly

  • loveyoualot

    hahaha and also a good show to watch is wolf rain and also I have a site for all wolf fans….so reply if you wanna know

  • kayleigh


  • Natalie

    I rove it best boovie evver

  • sofia

    wow this movie and elissabat and hoododewoodo

  • Julianne Cervantes



    i have this on dvd

  • Princess Merliah Summers

    best movie ever

  • tani kung

    omg.never got to see any monster high movies.i love this website.keep it in the internet.

  • sadd

    i love it u fuckin people dont like it well then DONT watch it

  • Gerald Sacay

    llllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it

  • Nicole Nguyễn

    i loved it ! its so cool

  • deekshi pechetti

    nice but my brothers love it

  • summer

    this was the best monster high boovie ever, it was fangtastic!!!!!!

  • summer

    i’ve watched this boovie for like ever

  • zizzy


  • Bailey

    I Knew That Victoria Was Elisabatt! I Can’t Spell Her Name. Sorry. Its Because They Had The Exact Same Hair Colours, Exact Eye Colours, Exact Skin Colours And The Same Voice From When She Was Writing The Notes And Talking To Draculaura!

  • Saty Kanwar

    Its Verronica not Victoria. I think this boovie is boltageous! Its one of my faves along with Friday Night Frights and 13 Wishes.

  • Saty Kanwar

    Um, Bailey person, the voice was different. She had Draculaura’s accent when she wrote the notes, and a British accent when she was actually speaking to Draculaura. And, you don’t need to do do capitals for the start of each word!

  • lol 133

    i love monster high and ever after high i hope they will make ever after high movies soon
    hint hint mattel

  • NinjaTurtleGhoul12

    I don’t understand why people think this movie, uh I mean boovie, is bad. It’s a FANGTASTIC BOOVIE! It’s (currently) my #1 fave MH boovie.
    Also, at 27:50 – 27:53, I’m like, “Mattel, did you realize that you just brought back the original Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?” If you guys reading this comment don’t know, Cam Clarke did the voice of Leonardo for the 1987 cartoon, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.

  • esther

    i love it i love the movie! and i love the song we are the monster

  • Rayan Rouas

    It won’t load ;'( I didn’t watch it

  • leticia.r.costa

    i love it. it’s the best monster high boovie ever my birthday party theme is from monster high love it

  • anastasia

    i like draculauras style at the end of the movie

  • anastasia


  • anna

    monster high is cool

  • olivia

    i love all these people in monster high and i am 10 and Frankie stein and Draculara are my favorite my favorite show is 13 wishes

  • Louisiana Vien T. Cabalquinto

    i love it!

  • poly

    its soo anoying when it gets to 11 minutes another site pops up that i need a java update and it wont let me play the rest of the movie

  • Alia Semer

    this boovie is fangtastic

  • lol

    They were inderectly making fun of twilight. Lol

  • hava yahya

    I loved it veryyyyyy mmmuuuuch

  • AJ

    love love love this movie :D

  • Marwa

    Theres a new BOOVIE called Freaky Fusion. I saw the trailer but not the movie

  • Marwa

    Fave Boovie

  • ivy cleveland

    Love the new movie of monster high frights camera action so asome

  • NinjaTurtleGhoul12

    I think the reason why people think this boovie is bad, is because of all the foreshadowing.

  • jailah

    Yeah, Monster Hih is Awesome. I never know when a new movie for it is going to come out but then on a random weekend, when i decide to check if anything is gonna come on, I see a new Monster High Movie. I can’t believe my good luck, because Monster High is one of my favorites, besides Barbie

  • Vince Turqueza

    와우. 그녀는 뱀파이어의 여왕? 음 … 음. 아마.

  • Vince Turqueza

    그 바보. 난 심각 같은 의미!

  • Vince Turqueza

    그래서 그녀는 곤경에

  • anastasia

    i had seen a trailer of freaky fusion but i realy want to see the boovie

  • monsterhighghoul

    i think elucard is better if ya know elucard and edweird were not the same person

  • Nurul Liyana

    it is thriled….
    i love it… and if i in ula foot .i will those werecats and the vamps realy

  • Nurul Liyana

    monster high is the best

  • stranger

    Best boovie eva i luuved it especially veronicca von vamp or shell i say elissabat XD

  • detukrftukryyuk


  • sanah


  • Elissabat PARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • berenice salcido

    tengo a 2 muñecas de esa pelicula : VIPERINE GORGON JANE

  • serbian_ghoul_:3

    i love it but mz internet is slow i cant watchit again D:

  • serbian_ghoul_:3


  • sophiya punithan

    this is my my 13 th time seeing it

  • kate

    It was OK I agree with all and if I like it haters will hate me or if I hated it the lovers will hate me… so that’s it :p

  • anonimo

    No lo leas , no lo leas si lo as leído copia y pega esto en 5 vídeos mas
    o sino tu madre morirá en 3 dias, por favor hace me caso , es una

  • anherga

    No lo leas , no lo leas si lo as leído copia y pega esto en 5 vídeos mas
    o sino tu madre morirá en 3 dias, por favor hace me caso , es una

  • Mewmewpower


  • realsakuraharuno

    edWEIRD XD

  • monster high serect


  • Lasse

    Can one change the language to danish?

  • Chianel Asoburuenwu


  • Christiana

    I LOVE HONNEY SWAMP !!!! :)))

  • Essie Wuddah


  • luke churcher

    there is a new one coming out called freaky fusion .

  • luke churcher

    and i cant wait

  • marifel

    me encanta

  • paige

    i luv it

  • Up

    Thiw is my favourite MH boovie!!!

  • Jane Huett

    i can’t wait for Freaky Fusion to come out

  • Carla Paul

    I know it was Veronica… And I never watch the movie! Remember what Draculaura said? Elizabat wanted to be an actress. So to hide her identity she became an actress.

  • nasrullah feroz

    When is Monster High Freaky fusion gonna air?
    I can NOT wait
    I loved the movie or should i say boovie anyways i am so happy that i have the same name as Veronica
    my names Veronica i got her doll yesterday
    PS: Please Answer that question

  • nasrullah feroz

    i lov her and my name now i got her doll yesterday

  • nasrullah feroz

    PS: When is Freaky Fusion Gonna be airing

    • nasrullah feroz

      Please reply when the real air date

  • nasrullah feroz

    please answer question veronica is one of my favorite monsters